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Ready Youth Week One

Welcome to our third Parent Newsletter. The topic of the day is our big event coming up in August called Youth Week. What is Youth Week you ask? It is an entire week of Worshiping God, Bible Studies, Group Games, and Food. All youth grades 6 and up all the way to early college are invited, August 13-17th @7pm on the dot.

In case you are wondering why Ready Player One? In the movie Wade Watts has to finish a video game in order to win the grand prize, he has to search for 5 keys that will unlock the final Easter Egg (a mcguffin if you will), giving him complete control of the virtual world that he is playing in. During this week your teens and will be learning about three obstacles that prevent them living the abundant life that Jesus offers them, and the three Keys to overcoming those obstacles. We will start and end the week by reiterating that these keys are not possible unless the Gospel comes alive in their hearts and they have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

After each nights Bible Study we will have a group fellowship games involving water balloons, (please have your youth dress accordingly guys and girls must wear a dark T-shirt and shorts.) nerf guns, lazer tag, scavenger hunts, and video game/sports tournaments.

Core Youth would appreciate your help in a number of ways. First and foremost Prayer. Pray that our youth would come out of this week living the abundant life that Jesus offers. Jesus says in John 10:10 "The Thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy, but I come so that you may have life to the full." That if any unsaved kids come that they come out of this week with a brand new relationship with Jesus. Also pray that the kids can grow closer together as a youth group, holding each other accountable, and making friendships that will last a lifetime. We also need parents that would be willing to stay those nights as chaperones. We need Nerf Guns and Water Balloons (the bunch o balloon brand so we can fill them fast) snacks, and drinks. So if you could help us out in any of these areas that would be fantastic as well.

Thank you Parents and I hope that you've been enjoying these parent newsletters that we have been pumping out to inform you guys.

Kindest Regards,

Core Youth Leadership



Jim Burns - President of Homeword and Executive Director of the Homeword Center for Youth and Family at Azusa Pacific University

If you find it challenging to talk with your teen about God and spiritual issues, you are not alone. It's not that parents don't want to talk about faith with their kids, but rather that they don't know how to get started. Here are five practical suggestions to get faith conversations started in your home.

1. Be yourself. You don't need a seminary degree to talk to your kids about God. You don't have to speak like a pastor giving a sermon. Just be yourself in conversations with your teenager. Share your understanding of who God is and why He matters to you in a way that reflects the real you.

2. Don't limit your faith conversations to Sunday mornings. Don't get caught in the trap of compartmentalizing faith issues to certain days or times. Let you kids know that spiritual issues are important in your life all of the time! Don't go overboard, but make faith issues an ongoing discussion with your family.

3. Let your kids catch you in the act of doing something spiritual. Spending time alone with God is great, but how will they know about the value you place on spiritual disciplines if they never see you engaged in them? Let your kids "see" you involved in these disciplines. Your actions teach your teenagers much about your faith, and likely communicate more than your words.

4. Look for natural opportunities to engage in faith conversations. Be on the lookout for opportunities along the road of life where issues almost beg to be discussed in light of your Christian commitment and faith. Try utilizing news items and entertainment media sources as springboards for faith conversations.

5. See yourself as a "fellow-learner" rather than a teacher. Taking the posture of a "fellow-learner" takes much of the pressure off of you and sends the message that you don't claim to know everything about the Christian faith. It's truly healthy when your teen asks a faith question that you need to reply with, "I don't know the answer. Let's figure it out together."

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